Casa Bazán

La Casa del General Bazán

Eladio Laredo, 1892

Castro Urdiales, Spain

1st proposition

2nd proposition

3rd proposition

Projects of restauration and rehabilatation

These projects pretend to fulfil two challenges, in the one hand the conservation of the caracteristic architecture of Eladio Laredo, and in the other hand designing flats which suit the way of life of  the 21st century.

The first project proposes a scheme where the inner fronts are « freed » from the walls which today prevent from seeing them. The second project plans minimal changes focused on the restauration of the kitchen. In the third project what is proposed is the possibility of a division, into two flats, of each floor. A division into more flats would break the unity of the original sizes and spaces.
Today the owners are studying the possibility of a partial sale of the building.