Casa Bazán

La Casa del General Bazán

Eladio Laredo, 1892

Castro Urdiales, Spain

Present state

According to the official town-planning documents approved by the Comisaría Regional de Urbanismo de Cantabria in december 1996: the facades, main stairs, the roof, trees with interesting caracteristics and outer railings of the property must be preserved.
The Plan General de Ordenación Urbana of 1996 settles that the building must remain as it is, that no extra floor can be built and that the division of the property is not conceivable because it is part of a particular urbanistic scheme. Further Planes generales de Ordenación Urbana will protect it at higher degree.
In spite of a poor general condition, most of the structure, the outer railings and original materials are in good condition. Nevertheless, the whole needs to be rehabilitated and renovated at relatively short term.