Casa Bazán

La Casa del General Bazán

Eladio Laredo, 1892

Castro Urdiales, Spain


The House of the General Bazan is located in Castro-Urdiales, small town of the oriental Cantabric coast, North Spain.
At first, the access to the house was situated on the main road of the village, the one which used to join Santander to Bilbao and today named Paseo de Menéndez Pelayo. Nowadays the main entrance is on the Paseo de Luis Ocharan Mazas, let’s say the Paseo Marítimo – seaside promenade of Castro Urdiales.
In 1892, when the house was built, this area was scattered with houses lining the seaside turned toward the land. It was at the beginning of the 20th century that the city and the beach of Brazomar were joined. The final step of this urbanistic scheme was taken at the end of 20th century with the creation of the Paseo Marítimo. Nowadays there is a project of yachting harbour in the bay of Castro.