Casa Bazán

La Casa del General Bazán

Eladio Laredo, 1892

Castro Urdiales, Spain

Architectural analyse

This detached house was built as the Italian villas of the Renaissance, in the style of Palladio. The central axis, which structures the whole, the harmony of the composition and the disposition of the front walls are characteristic of this architecture. The enamelled terracotta on outside and inside coatings, the incorporation of a tower into the north-west wing of the house as well as the vertical elements of the fronts are influenced by the Mudejar architecture.
The basement, practically cut off from the rest of the building, was the service area. The first floor « piano nobile », was a window for the social rank of the family. The greatness of spaces and the utilisation of noble materials are also signs of this social standing. The family life used to take place in the second floor. The balcony, and both rooms of the central area distinguish themselves from the rest of the floor. The third was the floor where the people on service lived.